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HUSH QUILT Composite

Treatment Strategy

  • PathDirect
  • Receiver

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.
  • OEM
  • HVAC


Composite Sound Insulation

Composite Performance For Demanding Applications Where Sound Control and Fire Safety Are Critical

HUSH QUILT™ ABAC-111N roll good increases sound transmission loss of a plywood roof of a machinery room. Fabricated OEM components using HUSH QUILT™ ABAC and BAC composites.


Advantages: Applications:
  • Extremely long service life
  • Superior low frequency performance
  • Class A rated per ASTM E-84 for most styles
  • Combines excellent sound absorption and effective transmission loss (blocking)
  • Available in sheets, rolls and die cut shapes
  • Optional stitch binding eliminates raw edges
  • Absorption ratings up to .85 NRC and transmission loss ratings up to STC-33
  • Fiber free class A construction is also available
  • Durable facings shed dirt, grease and oils and can be cleaned or wiped down
  • Variety of facings to withstand most industrial and harsh environments
  • Can be customized with grommets, velcro, straps, eyelets and other fasteners
  • In-wall treatments
  • Machinery cabinets and compartments
  • Truck and off-road equipment
  • Firewalls
  • Operator cabs
  • Pipe and duct wrap
  • Ceiling, metal deck and roof treatments
  • Bus and transportation equipment
  • Mechanical equipment room and wall liners
  • Fan and blower housings
  • Above wall cross talk barriers
  • Base products for acoustical curtain systems (see section on HUSH FLEX™ curtains)
  • Liners for truck, boat or yacht engine and generator compartments
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Plant divider walls and portable screens

 About BRD HUSH QUILT™ Composites:

Dual layer construction combines absorber layers to dissipate acoustic energy at the source with a flexible vinyl sound barrier to block and contain sound transmission traveling to adjacent areas or spaces.  Sound waves originating from the source will be initially absorbed by the absorber layer and then reflected by the flexible barrier resulting in further dissipation.          Type BAC composites shown at right below are best utilized for maximum durability and where a noise source(s) are located on one side of the acoustical material.  Type ABAC composites (see below left) are recommended for multiple noise sourcces on both sides of the materials, where a greater amount of noise reduction is required or where it is used as an internal liner on any rigid surface.
Type ABAC Composites Type BAC Composites


Design Components:

A:  Absorber materials:

  • Standard is fiberglass batt
  • Fiber free melamine class A foam (designate at FF-BAC-XXXX or FF-ABAC-XXXX)

B:  Barriers:

  • R-Polyester reinforced loaded vinyl
  • N-Non-reinforced loaded vinyl

F:  Facings:

  • V-Standard is vinyl coated fiberglass cloth rated at -20°F to 180°F
  • S-High temperature silicone coated fiberglass cltoh rated for -90°F to 550°F.  Required for all outdoor projects to guard against UV attack.  Designate at BAC-XXXX-S or ABAC-XXXX-S.

Optional Components:

  • Brass grommets
  • Velcro fastening strips
  • Snaps, bands and other fasteners
  • Laminated facing construction
  • Silicone sealing of stitching
  • Special colors and stitch patterns
  • Needle matt fiberglass absorbers
  • Extensional damping sheets
  • Other barrier densities
  • Other absorber thicknesses
Product Designations:

Nominal 1" thick fiberglass absorber with standard "V" facing and 1 lb./ft.2 type "R" barrier backing.

Nominal 2" thick fiberglass absorber with standard "V" facing and 1 lb./ft.2 type "R" barrier backing.

Nominal 1" thick fiberglass absorber with standard "V" facing a 1 lb./ft.2 type "N" barrier backing.

Two nominal 1" thick fiberglass absorbers separated by a 1 lb./ft.2 type "N" barrier septum.  Facing on each absorber is the standard "V" type.

Two nominal 1" thick fiberglass absorbers separated by a 2 lb./ft.2 type "N" barrier septum.  Facing on each absorber is the standard "V" type.

Same as ABAC-111N above except with additional plywood core for better rigidity on roof, deck and ceiling/horizontal applications.

Fiber Free Construction:
Any of the above materials can be supplied in fiber free construction.  Designate as FF-BAC-XXXX or FF-ABAC-XXXX.

 Acoustic Performance and Other Data:

Product Sound Transmission Loss (dB) Frequency (Hz)
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
BAC-110R 11 16 24 30 39 43 27
BAC-210R 13 20 29 40 50 55 32
ABAC-111N 12 16 27 40 44 47 29
ABAC-121N 19 22 28 40 56 61 33
ABAC-R111N 19 20 28 42 56 62 31



Product Roll Size Flame Spread Smoke Density Nominal Thickness Absorption at Octave Frequencies (Hz) NRC
W L 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
ABAC-111N 48" 25' 23 30 2" .07 .27 .96 1.13 1.08 .99 .85
ABAC-121N 48" 25' * * 2" .07 .27 .96 1.13 1.08 .99 .85
ABAC-111N-SS 48" 25' 4 19 2" .07 .27 .96 1.13 1.08 .99 .85
BAC-110R 54" 25' 23 30 1" .12 47 .85 .84 .64 .62 .70
BAC-210R 54" 25' 23 12 2" .07 .27 .96 1.13 1.08 .99 .85
BAC-110R-S 54" 25' 4 19 1" .12 .47 .85 .84 .64 .62 .70

*No test available.

Notes: When ordering roll goods:

1) Acoustical testing per ASTM C-423-77, C-423-90A, ASTM E-90-75; E-90-90.  Copies available upon request.

2) Flame spread and smoke density ratings are per ASTM designation E-84 (surface burning characteristics of building materials).  Select products meet ASTM E-162 flame spread and E-662 smoke density criteria.

Standard HUSH QUILT™ roll goods are all furnished with unbound edges.  Purchase orders not specifically requesting stitch edge binding will be processed as unbound material.  Standard roll good material may be returned in unused condition subject ot a 35% re-stock charge upon receipt of a return material authorization (RMA) from BRD.