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Treatment Strategy

  • PathDirect
  • Receiver

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.
  • Architectural Finishes
  • Architectural Walls/Ceilings
  • HVAC


Laminated Drywall


Engineered Laminated Drywall Panels Combine Increased Sound Transmission Loss With Structural Decoupling

About BRD HUSH ROCK™ Drywall Panels:

BRD HUSH ROCK™ laminated drywall is a multi-layer acoustic product designed for use in stud wall and ceiling construction projects where sound separation from space to space is desired.  Can be used effectively on new construction and renovation work.  A viscoelastic damping core layer creates structural decoupling of the drywall from the wood or metal stud framing members.  Standard installation procedures are used for all HUSH ROCK™ products.  The model HR-100 grade is 1 1/4" thick and weighs 4.7 lbs/ft.2 while model HR-300 panels are 1 7/16" thick and weigh 5.9 lbs./ft.2  Acoustic performance is enhanced when panels are screwed to studs coated with HUSH BRUSH™ model HBDA-300.

Model Description Thickness STC Fire Rating Features Applications
HR-100 5/8" 51-70 1 Hour:  Full-scale ASTM E119 Lowest cost, score/snap/hang, lightest weight, best value Homes, multi-family, music, home theater
HR-200 5/8" 52-74 1 Hour:  UL Certified U305, U309, U340, U341, U376 UL Rated, shear, impact resistant, penetration, mold-resistant (optional), versatile, high performance Multi-family, commercial, music, home theater, commercial theater, recording studio
HR-200RF 5/8" 52-74 1 Hour:  UL Certified U305, U309, U340, U341, U376 Designed for RF shielding (SCIF ready) SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility)
HR-300 1 3/8" 56-80 2 Hour:  unrated The only THX Certified drywall Highest performance Home theater, commercial theater, high-end studios


Advantages: Applications:
  • Non-toxic formulation
  • Easy to install with standard stud wall construction techniques
  • Significantly increases sound isolation of common wall between rooms
  • Can be used for wall or ceiling assemblies
  • Lab rated/tested designs
  • Excellent solution for retrofits with limited space available
  • Home theatres
  • Multi-dwelling apartments/condos
  • Machine and mechanical rooms
  • Recording and broadcast studios
  • Manufacturing and industrial plants
  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Any noise sensitive wall or ceiling
  • Hospitals and schools