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Treatment Strategy

  • Source Airborne
  • PathIndirect
  • Receiver
  • PathDirect

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.
  • OEM


Foam Absorber & Composite Insulation


Economical, Easy To Install Acoustical Foam Sound Insulation And Composites To Line Panels, Guards, Partitions and Enclosures

HFUB-025-100-AP-PSA at installation to line a hydraulic
pump cabinet.  High performance adhesive backing
allows for easy application.

OEM generator compartment of ice cream truck
manufacturer is lined with HFU-200-RP.
Advantages: Applications:
  • Polyurethane acoustical grade foam with controlled porosity for maximum sound absorption
  • Optional melamine and polyimide foams
  • Foam layers can be combined with loaded vinyl mass barriers to form hundreds of composite insulations for maximum overall acoustical performance
  • Variety of protective film facings to withstand most industrial and harsh environments
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive backins are available for easy installation
  • Optional edge sealing protects foam edges from moisture and other contaminants
  • K factor of .25 BTU per hour per inch per sq. ft. per °F for urethane foam products
  • Can be cut to size with utility knife, scissors or die cut for use in OEM applications
  • Liners for truck, boat or yacht engine and generator compartments
  • In-plant industrial equipment enclsoure and panel insulation
  • Rapid transit cars and buses
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Vehicle fire walls, floor and cab treatments
  • Belt guard liners
  • Pump or other motor driven equipment enclosures
  • Absorptive liners for hoods, cabinets, panels and guards of industrial/OEM equipment
  • Liners of printers and electronic equipment
  • Not recommended for applications in buildings or areas of public assembly
  • Cab liners and floor mats for transportation and off-road equipment such as cranes, pavers and construction machinery


About BRD HUSH FOAM™ Products:

BRD HUSH FOAM™ polyurethane acoustical foam is manufactured to exacting specifications of a partially reticulated cellular structure.  This controlled porosity of the nominal 2 lbs./ft.3 density UL-94/HF1 foam results in maximum acoustical absorption.  Product categories include type HFU (absorber only), type HFUB (barrier composites), type HFUD (damping composites) and type HFQC (quilted composites).  To protect the foam in applications that require resistance to water, grease, dust, oil and other contaminants, film facings can be applied to the materail with minimal impact on acoustic performance because of the diaphragmatic action transferring sound energy to the interal construction.  Here acoustic energy is dissipated by means of friction in the form of heat.  The products are available in rolls, sheets or die cut parts.

Various examples of HUSH FOAM™ absorbers (type HFU) to meet OEM production requirements.


Application Guide:

Product Type* Roll Size Sheet Size PSA Adhesive Backing Film Facings Performance And Application
HFU 54" x 50' --------- Yes (optional) All (optional) To increase absorption and minimize reverberant noise build-up when existing barrier provides sufficient blocking (transmission loss).  Increase the absorber thickness for best low frequency performance.
HFUB 54" x 50' 54" x 72" Yes (optional) All (optional) To increase absorption and blocking (transmission loss) when applied to lighter gauge sheet metal, plastic, wood or other existing panels, guards, cabinets, etc.
HFUD ------- 54" x 40" Yes (standard) All (optional) To increase absorption and reduce structure-borne noise caused by panel vibration and resonance.  Only available with PSA backing and in sheets or die cut parts.
HFQC 54" x 50' 54" x 10' No RP Only (standard) Dual purpose composite increases absorption and blocking like HFUB materials.  Unique quilted fiberglass absorber layer offers greater durability and improved fire retardancy.










Standard Product Descriptions:

HFU-050:  1/2" Thk. Urethane Acoustical Foam   A B C D
HFU-100:  1" Thk. Urethane Acoustical Foam HFUB-025-050 1/4" 1 1/2" 3/4"
HFU-200:  2" Thk. Urethane Acoustical Foam HFUB-025-100 1/4" 1 1" 1 1/4"
HFU-300:  3" Thk.  Urethane Acoustical Foam HFUB-050 1/2" 1 - 1/2"
HFU-400:  4" Thk. Urethane Acoustical Foam HFUB-100 1" 1 - 1"
      A = Decoupler Thickness
Other Optional Foams:     B = Vinyl Barrier Density (lbs./ft.2)
Melamine:  Designate as HFM-XXX     C = Absorber Thickness
Polyimide:  Designate as HFP-XXX     D = Nominal Overall Composite Thickness
  A B C  
HFUD-050 1/2" EVDS-100 5/8" This unique composite product (model HFQC-025-100) combines a 1/4" thick foam decoupler, a 1 lb./ft.2 density loaded vinyl barrier and a 3/4" thick quilted fiberglass absorber layer with a durable reinforced aluminized mylar film facing.


EVDS-100 1 1/8"
HFUD-200 2" EVDS-100 2 1/8"
A = Absorber Thickness
B = Damping Sheet Type
C = Nominal Overall Composite Thickness
  • RP- Reinforced Aluminized Polyester
  • AP-Aluminized Polyester
  • BU-Black Urethane
  • TU-Tan Urethane
  • EM-Embossed
  • GT-Gray Tedlar
  • WH-Hypalon (white)
  • Nomenclature Example:
  • Edge sealing
  • Die cutting
  • Densified surface
  • Custom rolls, sheets and thicknesses
  • Wear surface for floor mats
  • PSA - pressure sensitive adhesive backing 
    (3 mil unsupported acrylic)
  • Nomenclature Example:


Acoustic Performance Data:

Transmission Loss:

The above graph shows a typical range of transmission loss for type HFUB and HFQC composites when applied to a 20 gauge steel panel.  Actual performance will be affected by the absorber thickness and facing as well as the mass and stiffness of the surface to be treated.

Sound Absorption:

The above graph shows a typical range of acoustical absorption for all HUSH FOAM™ absorbers and composites which utilize a 1/2" and 1" thick absorber layers.  Many factors such as the film facing and mounting method can affect the actual performance.

Other Physical Characteristics*

Product Type Vibration Damping Performance Temperature Range Flammability Rating
HFU ___________________ -40°F to 250°F UL94/HF1
HFUB ___________________ -40°F to 250°F UL94/HBF
DOT 302/Pass
HFUD Loss factor on .04" steel at 1000 Hz is .15 -22°F to 240°F UL94/HBF
HFQC ___________________ -40°F to 240°F Absorber meets class A per ASTM E-84 test

                    *Table values are for standard products without optional facings and adhesives.