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Treatment Strategy

  • PathIndirect
  • Receiver

Application Use

  • Architectural Walls/Ceilings
  • OEM
  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.
  • Architectural Finishes


Contoured Foam Products


The Original And Most Recognized Anechoic Wedge High Performance Design For Maximum Sound Absorption 

HUSH WEDGE™ Crest design increases absorptive surface area while maintaining a continuous, seamless appearance. HUSH WEDGE™ Wave design offers significantly increased surface area to scatter, deflect and absorb unwanted sound waves.



  • Patented shape traps and deflects sound energy
  • Available in polyester urethane and melamine foam core constructions (open cell)
  • NRC acoustical ratings as high at 1.05!
  • Easy installation using PA-02 or other panel adhesive
  • Standard sheet sizes available for UPS shipping (available from stock)
  • Can be die cut and supplied as kits for OEM applications
  • Melamine foam meets class A flammability per ASTM E-84 and is also fiber free
  • Easy to cut and modify
  • Variety of colors available
  • Available with hypalon coating for industrial environments
  • Audio/Video/Recording Studios
  • Gyms, cafeterias, auditoriums, pools and music practice rooms at schools/universities
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Churches and meeting halls
  • Arenas and sports/workout faciltiies
  • Shooting ranges
  • Manufacturing facilities (in-plant)
  • OEM panel, enclosure or cabinet acoustical lining
  • Test chambers
  • Mechanical equipment rooms
  • Warehouses, laboratories and research facilities
  • Ice skating and roller rinks
  • Computer rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Offices and conference rooms

 About BRD HUSH WEDGE™ Contoured Foam:

BRD HUSH WEDGE™ products are among the most advanced materials available for effective noise control.  The proprietary/patented convoluted design was adopted from technology used in the construction of anechoic ("without echoes") acoustical test chambers where deep wedges are used to significantly increase surface area of absorption, to diffuse and deflect sound waves and to gradually change air flow impedance which further reduces reflections of sound energy.

HUSH WEDGE™ products are available in urethane foam construction meeting UL-94 flammability requirements for self-extinguishing materials and in melamine foam construction meeting the requirements of class A as per ASTM E-84.  Please see the warning below for important information pertaining to the selection of polyurethane foam vs. melamine foam construction.

Transformer room wall lined with Class A rated fiber free HUSH WEDGE™ One.














Workstation privacy panels lined with HUSH WEDGE™ Wave.

The HUSH WEDGE™ Family of Contoured Foam Panels and Products

  • Contour
  • Linear
  • Wave
  • Ultimate
  • Ripple
  • Horizon
  • Relief
  • Baffles
  • Crest
  • Textile
  • Grid
  • Specialties


Terminology associated with fire tests or standards are not intended to reflect properties of such products under actual fire conditions.  The use of polyurethane foam material will present a risk of fire and resulting risks from smoke and toxic gases, including possible suffocation and death.  For this reason, the suitability of the polyurethane products with respect to their intended use is the responsibility of the end user/purchaser.