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Treatment Strategy

  • PathDirect
  • PathIndirect

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.
  • Architectural Finishes
  • Architectural Walls/Ceilings


Spray Insulation



Economical Multi-Purpose Spray Insulations Combine Good Acoustic And Thermal Performance

Spray applicator applies 1" thick layer of HUSH COAT™ HC-100. Ceiling deck finished application of HC-100 in school gym.


  • NRC ratings of .75 for HC-100 (1” thick) and .95 for HC-200 (2” thick) per ASTM C-423 on solid backing
  • Reduces ambient noise and reverberation time in “live” spaces
  • Best combination of acoustic, thermal and condensate control
  • Available in 6 standard colors and custom colors on a job to job basis
  • Strong, durable monolithic coating
  • Fills completely all gaps and voids
  • The base product cellulose fibers are chemically treated to add resistance to fire, mold and mildew
  • Offers R-5 thermal insulation per inch
  • Can be used for in-wall and floor construction (model HC-150-CB)
  • Gym and pool facilities
  • Recording studios
  • Theatres and auditoriums
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Airports
  • Prisons and detention facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Churches
  • Ice rinks
  • Athletic complexes
  • Warehouse buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Night clubs and entertainment centers
  • In-wall, floor and ceiling treatments with STC ratings up to STC-60 thus out performing standard batt insulation/drywall construction