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Treatment Strategy

  • PathDirect
  • Receiver

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.
  • Architectural Finishes
  • OEM


Portable Screens & Enclosures

Portable Construction To Maintain Design,
Layout and Access Flexibility

OEM roll-away metal panel type HG-400 sound enclosure reduces generator noise in a power plant. Portable enclosure using type ABAC-111N curtain panels allows for easy maintenance access around a noisy pump skid.




  • Reduces noise without jeopardizing work flow and productivity
  • Standard 4' wide portable curtain screens can be joined together by velcro to form any configuration required
  • Custom equipment and personnel enclosures can be easily moved and relocated
  • Custom fabrication for any size application
  • Completely mobile on casters for maximum accessibility
  • Rugged framing using structural tube, angle or channel for long service life
  • Low or no installation costs
  • Adapt quickly and easily to changes in production routines
  • Optional windows, ventilation baffles and other accessories can be included
  • Best for temporary or short term installations (can be reused)


  • Welding screens and shields
  • Work station dividers and personnel enclosures
  • Any equipment enclosure which requires quick and easy access for service, maintenance or emergency repairs
  • Applications which require frequent equipment access
  • Hoistable enclosures
  • Partition manufacturing areas from employee work areas or offices
  • Machinery partitions and dividers
  • Architectural screens or dividers for multi-purpose areas
  • For multiple machine installations where portable treatment can be "swapped" between prime service units and back-up or stand-by units
  • Infrequently used equipment such as emergency generators



 How to Use HUSH ROLL™ Portable Noise Screens

1) Surround the noise source 2) Shield the employees
3) Separate manufacturing and employee areas 4) Separate multiple work stations
HUSH ROLL™ portable noise screen features include adjustable feet, casters, rugged structural tube frame, velcro closures and optional windows. HUSH ROLL™ 4'x8' portable screens using ABAC-111N curtain panels contain riveting noise spillover to adjacent work areas.


Custom screens using HUSH CLEAN™ panels (type HCSA-200-PVFS) for a pharmaceutical plant. Fabric finish HUSH ROLL™ portable screens for an architectural application. HUSH ROLL™ screens constructed using HUSH GUARD™ type HG-400 galvanized steel acoustical panels.


Acoustic Performance Data:

HUSH ROLL™ jack-up portable fan enclosure.

Product Transmission Loss at Octave Frequencies (Hz)
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
ABAC-111N 12 16 27 40 44 47 29
HG-400 21 28 39 48 56 58 40
Product Absorption at Octave Frequencies (Hz)
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
ABAC-111N .07 .27 .96 1.13 1.08 .99 .85
HG-400 .60 1.13 1.12 1.09 1.03 .91 1.00
NOTE:  HUSH ROLL™ portable screens, partitions, and enclosures can be completely customized by materials and/or design.  Consult your BRD representative for your special applications.