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Treatment Strategy

  • Source Structure

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • OEM
  • HVAC


Vibration Damping Coating

Reduce Impact Noise and Annoying "Shell Ring" With Easy To Apply Vibration Damping Coating

Typical vibratory feeder bowl constructed from 0.080" to 0.15" stainless steel.  This unit generated 101 dBA noise levels prior to treatment with HBDC-200. Operation of the feeder bowl ped from 101 dBA to 89 dBA after treatment.  HUSH BRUSH™ model HBDC-200 material was applied to the outside of the bowl and to underside surfaces of the trays and ramps.
Advantages: Applications:
  • Low flammability ratings
  • Can be brushed, troweled or rolled on flat and irregular surfaces
  • Non-toxic water based composition
  • Increases panel transmission loss
  • Cures to tough durable coating
  • Can be painted (latex paint)
  • Available in a variety of container sizes including 50-gallon drums for large projects
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Can be applied in standard spray guns (Consult BRD for mixing instructions)
  • Can be applied to inside or outside of vibrating surfaces
  • Feed chutes and hoppers
  • Machinery and belt guards
  • Sheet metal ductwork
  • Buses, railcars and other transportation equipment surfaces
  • Fan and blower housings
  • Parts tumblers and vibratory conveyors
  • Doors, bins, cabinets and panels
  • Piping systems (thin wall)
  • Consumer products such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, lawn mowers, etc.
  • Cab wall treatment on construction and transportation equipment
  • Any continuously resonating rigid surface

 About BRD HUSH BRUSH™ Vibration Damping Coating:

BRD HUSH BRUSH™ coating material is a water based material for treatment of vibrating metal, wood, glass and most plastic surfaces.  The coating absorbs structural vibration and resonance by transferring this energy to heat through friction.  This reduces noise being radiated from continuously resonating surfacesand controls the ringing noise from metal impact.  As a rule of thumb for damping, a layer of 1 to 1 1/2 times the thickness of the metal or rigid surface is desirable.  Complete 100% coverage is not critical.  Apply where practical and where vibratory motion of the metal is most pronounced.

HUSH BRUSH™ type HBDC-100-5 Vibration Damping Coating in 5-gallon containers.

Specifications and Surface Preparation

HUSH BRUSH™ Product Shelf Life Substrate Temp Range Optimum per coat thickness (dry) Cure time between coats @ 70°F Coverage per gallon @ 40 mils Total Coating Thickness Temp Range Cured Flammability
HBDC-100 1 yr. 40°F and above 40 mils (1 mm) 24 hours 20 sq. ft. 1 to 1 1/2 times metal thickness   Class "A" per ASTM E-84 (Meets FMVSS 302)
HBDC-200   45°F to 100°F 0.02" - 0.06" 4 hours 40 - 80 sq. ft. 1 - 3 mm -120°F to 350°F  
HBDA-300   40°F to 100°F N/A N/A 32 sq. ft. 1/16"    

HUSH BRUSH™ adheres best to dry, clean surfaces.  All grease, oil, lubricants, waxes, polishes or other material must be removed with water in pressure washing.  A simple household cleaner like Formula 409 will remove most oils and grease.  Paint does not need to be removed but it must be clean.  Loose dirt, rust or other debris can often be removed by pressure washing ("power wash").  If the cleaning process exposes bare metal, the metal should be primed for best adhesion.  The surface must be dry before applying HUSH BRUSH™.  If excellent adhesion is required in very harsh environments to unprimed metal, the metal shoudl be acid washed (lightly etched) when possible.