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Treatment Strategy

  • Source Airborne
  • Source Structure

Application Use

  • Industrial In-plant
  • Industrial New Con.
  • OEM
  • HVAC


Pipe & Duct Flex Connectors

Protect Piping/Ducting And Equipment/Systems From Unwanted Stress, Movement and Motion

Style HJ-TS twin sphere flex connector for centrifugal pump installation. HUSH JOINT™ style HJ-AF sound attenuating duct flex connector. Style HJ-EJ thermal expansion joints on industrial process fan.


Advantages: Information Needed To Make A HUSH JOINT™ Selection:
  • Metallic, elastomeric and fabric designs
  • Stock and custom designed units
  • Able to isolate vibration, compensate for minor pipe/duct misalignment and accommodate thermal expansion/movement
  • Available with flanged or sip ends, control rods and internal liners
  • Duct/pipe size
  • Operating temperature and pressure
  • Required materials of construction
  • Intermittent upset temperature
  • Gas or fluid stream makeup
  • Face to face or other dimensional limitations
  • Preferred attachment method (ie:  flanges, slip or other)
  • Required compression, extension and lateral movements
  • Enclose mounting flange detail showing desired bolt pattern to be supplied
  • Special requests (ie:  eccentric or concentric reducers, transitions, etc.)
  • Indoor or outdoor service
  • Blowers, fans and air handling units
  • Compressors and pumps
  • Process steam, air and gas lines
  • Turbines and generators
  • Chillers and cooling towers
  • Any piping or ducting system
  • Centrifuges