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Treatment Strategy

  • PathIndirect
  • Receiver

Application Use

  • Architectural Finishes
  • Architectural Walls/Ceilings


Diffusers & Reflectors

Music room installation using HUSH SHIELD™ type HS-PD-2424 -in pyramidal diffusers in a stnadard 2' x 2' grid.  HUSH WEAVE™ fabric wall panels provide balanced absorption. The above diagram shows a typical reflected ceiling plan with type HS-BD-2424 barrel diffuser locations.  See below for details showing grid, flush and suspended mounting arrangements.
Advantages: Applications:
  • Rugged thermomolded PVC construction
  • Class A rated in basic construction
  • Can be mounted in standard ceiling grid, wall mounted with brackets or suspended overhead in cloud arrangement
  • Standard white finish (textured)
  • Optional finishes using paint as approved after review of customer paint specifications
  • Fabric wrapped in a wide variety of colors
  • Breaks up direct line reflections
  • Provides even disbursement of sound throughout the entire listening area
  • Special designs to handle flutter echo
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Full spectrum fractal diffusers available
  • Band, choral and rehearsal rooms
  • Concert halls and performing arts centers
  • Audio/video recording and broadcast studios
  • Churches and worship spaces
  • Airports, hotels, casinos and other public assembly areas
  • Residential home theatre systems
  • Arenas and auditoriums
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Meeting, conference/teleconference rooms and training centers
  • Voice over, post production and editing studios
  • Theatres and movie cinemas
  • Any critical listening or performance environment/application


About BRD HUSH SHIELD™ Diffusers:

BRD HUSH SHIELD™ diffusers are panels to break up direct line reflections and disburse them more evnely throughout the entire listening area.  Because sound from any direction becomes more uniformly distributed into many directions, the sound in any one particular direction is thereby abated.  The most commonly used diffusers are geometric designs as shown at right.  The model HS-PD diffuser (at right/top) is a pyramidal design and is available in either 24" x 24" size (model HS-PD-2424) or 48" x 48" (model HS-PD-4848).  The model HS-BD barrel diffuser design (at right/bottom) is available in 24" x 24" (model HS-BD-2424), 24" x 48" (model HS-BD-2448) and 48" x 48" (model HS-BD-4848).  Other special two dimensional diffusers, variable acoustic modules (combining absorption, reflection & diffusion) and full spectrum fractal diffusers are available to meet specific project criteria.


Typical Listening Room Application





  • Excessive music loudness
  • Poor speech intelligibility
  • Undesirable flutter echo from parallel reflective walls
  • Reverberation problem
  • Overpowering particularly in low frequencies
  • Undesirable rear wall slap echo


  • Reduced loudness
  • Reduced reverberation
  • Lack of reflective surfaces can cause loss of high frequency treble voices, upper harmonics, flutes, etc.
  • Unbalanced absorption
  • Indistinct and boomy through overuse of absorption

  • Loudness controlled
  • Reverberation controlled
  • Balanced over full frequency range
  • Performers can hear themselves
  • Uniform distribution of sound throughout the space
  • Absence of specular reflections
  • Balanced for music and speech


Acoustic Performance:

Sound Absorption per ASTM C-423-90

Mounting Type Absorption at Octave Frequencies (Hz)
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
Simulates lay-in ceiling
.36 .15 .09 .07 .05 .10 .10
Simulates wall installation
.48 .12 .10 .05 .03 .03 .10

 Type HS-PD and HS-BD Installation Details

Cloud formation overhead suspension from open structure Standard T-grid lay-in of geometric diffusers with .50" perimeter flange. Wall or ceiling flush mounted using clip or track system.


Custom Diffuser Products:

Technical Support

BRD application engineers can assist the project architect in determining the most appropriate treatment and layout.  Specifications are available upon request.

  • Portable acosutic shells with variable inserts (for multi-use spaces)
  • Corner bass traps (controls low frequencies)
  • Non-absorptive flutter control hardwood molding (reduces flutter echo)
  • Transparent/translucent diffusers for windows and skylights where accent or natural lighting is desired
  • Custom sizes/shapes per job requirements
  • Variable acoustic modules