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Services: Solution Design

Anyone can sell a silencer and any silencer manufacturer can provide you with acoustic performance and pressure drop data obtained from laboratory testing.  Perhaps that's all you need, but 9 times out of 10 the actual concern pertains to the system performance.  You may ask yourself, what will be the resulting noise criteria (as opposed to rated performance), how will aerodynamics be affected, how will the pressure drop rating change based on my duct configuration, what are the structural requirements for my barrier, will there be a de-rating of my machine and, if so, how can it be minimized, where do all the system components come from and who pulls together the overall design, does the elastomer I select for vibration isolation matter, is this treatment going to trip my machine on high temp or current draw, will I be compliant with standards or regulations???



The questions go on and on from there but BRD personnel answer these questions on a daily basis.  Conceptual designs are created for project specific applications and pricing for products, systems, and installation services are submitted in a timely fashion.  No need for 20 phone calls.  Call us today, be a hero tomorrow.