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Services: Testing & Analysis

BRD offers acoustical testing services to quantify your needs for compliance or a conducive work, learning or healing environment.  Examples include the following:


  • Environmental compliance
  • OSHA compliance
  • Building occupant comfort/commissioning (NC, RC, etc.)
  • Room reverberation
  • Field STC
  • Calibrated noise source testing to rule out structural and/or airborne noise transmission
  • Acoustical remediation performance testing
  • Continuous online surveillance and fault detection
  • Ultrasonic leak and wear detection
  • Troubleshooting for source identification and qualification



BRD vibration testing services encompass:


  • Building vibration compliance
  • Machinery compliance and diagnostics
  • Vibration isolation selection and/or efficiency determination
  • Machinery balancing and alignment
  • Continuous online surveillance and fault detection
  • Predictive condition monitoring
  • Troubleshooting building disturbances
  • Data traps for intermittent vibration effects
  • Resonance determination
  • Dynamic vibration isolator design (aka tuned mass dampers)



Our testing services are typically performed for the purpose of determining a correction to an undesirable condition.  Our testing regimen is therefore flexible enough to adjust "on the fly" based on observations during the test.  The goal is not only to identify the source or severity of an undesirable vibration but also to recommend and/or implement the appropriate intervention.  We've had a successful track record for over 35 years and would be pleased to add your success story to that record.